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Crazy kids [Saturday
February 10th ]
Is anyone else not surprised that there was a full moon this week? My kids were CRAZY. All of them this past week. And I mean ALL of them. I do K-5 Spanish and all 750 of them were nuts this last week.

The music teacher at my school and I were talking about this and she said she never paid attention to that stuff until she became a teacher and then you start noticing it in the kids. haha.

I'm not sure if that's entirely true that a full moon can affect people like that with emotions and whatnot, but SOMETHING was up this week.
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I am Alive, Contrary to LJ readers opinons [Thursday
January 18th ]
[ mood | bouncy ]

Proof positive: I talked to Meg last night who years ago, so it seems, gave me a code to get an LJ. I've just been rather preoccupied with TEACHING for the last year to get on here and actually post.

But ironically enough, I have today off due to a cancellation because of the weather. That "weather" wouldn't be anything if I were in PA, CT, NH, or ME. But it is here in NC. And hence I am on the computer. Yay.

In other news...my life... Teaching, sleeping, eating, teaching, sleeping, planning, eating... Next year I will have so much more time on my hands because I won't be scrambling to make things for class. That'll be nice. Something to look forward to - being less frantic. haha.

Um, still nothing in the special boy friend department. Ideas and speculations of course, but nothing... Unfortunately at times, fortunately at others. haha.

This is a very random entry...

I'm currently thinking about how I should change my LJ background FINALLY. hahaha. And about how tonight is going to be AWESOME because my new favorite show (well, one of my 2 favorite new shows) is on tonight! UGLY BETTY. Basically the greatest show ever. She is so me. The journalism thing, Spanish thing... "Different" thing. Yeah. I love it. And there's a certain LJ user and friend whom I've already mentioned that I bet would love the show too, if she hasn't already seen it. :) i'm seriously addicted. Like I will buy season 1 as soon as it comes out.

Same with HEROES. Holy crap that is an amazing show. And Milo Ventimiglia isn't half bad looking either. :-D Two GREAT shows.

I still adore House too. Hugh Laurie is amazing...

Ummm......... Since I'm rambling about favorites... Mat Kearney is a new addition to my music collection and he's awesome. matkearney.com. You should so check it out.

Movies recently... I just saw Superman Returns and was disappointed in it. It had some amazing parts, but I guess the ending wasn't what I wanted or expected. Are they planning a sequel? Because if they are, then I'd feel better about it. haha. Pirates 2 was awesome. I love Johnny... I haven't seen much else recently... Because, as I said, I have no life this year due to teaching.

I am, however, going to see 2 operas next weekend. One in Spanish, La Vida Breve and another in Italian called Pagliacci or something. That should be cool. Never been to one before, but I'm excited.

Other things...my car still sucks and they can't seem to figure out what the crap is wrong with it...

I am running out of things to say for now... Maybe I'll actually get back into posting on here. hahaha.

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Alert, alert [Thursday
August 3rd ]
I do exist.

I'm starting teaching this month. Yikes.

Officially an NC resident.

Gosh it is so much easier to keep up with this thing when you have DSL.
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To be brief [Sunday
March 19th ]
I finally have a car. My mom's...it's just a matter of switching to my new care that's a problem.

DHMS is no more. I'm at Merion Elementary now and it freaking rocks.

Went and saw some of the middle school kids do the Music Man last night. They did a pretty good job.

Graduation is soon.

Jobs in NC?

We'll see...
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Student Teaching, Day One [Thursday
January 19th ]
[ mood | calm ]

Welllllllll. Here I am. Day one of student teaching is overrrrr.

There is so much to say. Overall it was an ok day. I got a lot of information about the curriculum, all the student books and worksheets, the faculty manual, etc. I learned how to enter grades in their system. haha. Mr. Coombs is alright. I am opposite him in some of how I would teach. He uses a lot of English, which is NOT going to help. When I "take over" I plan on using Spanish most of the time. That will probably require me to prep the kids before I do that, which is ok. I plan on making a big board with Spanish/English written on each side and whichever is facing them is the only language they are allowed to use. Of course exceptions can be made, but some sort of signal will have to be figured out. If they don't get the instruction in Spanish, they aren't going to acquire. They'll think they can just cop out and use English if they don't get it. I know they are middle schoolers, which will require leniency, but they are learning such basic stuff that my teacher talk won't be much above their level. As I was watching him teach today, I wanted to jump out of my skin and get up there and start teaching because it was bugging me. hahaha.

I think I'm really going to like the sixth and eighth graders. The seventh graders seem like they might be hard to keep focused. We'll find out. I'm planning on getting involved with their musical production to get to know them more. Should be interesting.

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It's been forever... [Wednesday
January 18th ]
[ mood | determined ]

Hello again LJ world...


Drexel Hill Middle School, Spanish... Yipes. I'll be sure to update y'all on how the first day goes.

In other news, Meg, you might consider going to a concert in Boston on Jan 30 (I think)... I'm psyched for it, in PA, that is. Pray for the Soul of Betty.
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I was going to give you my cd when I saw you and just get another for myself at the show, but I forgot. They're on a tour right now. I can probably upload some of the songs on yousendit if anyone wants to hear. Just comment and I'll do it. It's good stuff.

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ahahaha [Sunday
November 13th ]
I do exist. Really I do.

Ahhh. I'm so freaking tired. I feel like junk. I have much to do this week. I have to write two papers in Spanish for next week and the show is this weekend. It will all get done no doubt. I just need to feel better soon. Stupid allergies, weather, and stress.

In other news, I'm student teaching next semester. I can't wait. I just want to be in a classroom right now, on the other side of the desk. haha. I still don't know where I'll be quite yet, but it's coming along.

Man I can't seem to focus on one thing for a long period of time, can I? hah. What else is new? Eckerd is going alright. I like it ok. I don't think I'm going to go in tomorrow. I need to sleep. Desperately. I went to bed at 2:30am last night (Saturday) feeling like crap, stressed about various things, and wishing I didn't feel that way after being at someone's house earlier in the evening. But more on that in a minute. I woke up today and did a little work, took a nap from 3-6:00pm, did some more work and then took another nap from like 7:30pm to 10pm. haha. Not what I should have been doing, but I need to feel better soon and I wouldn't be able to get much done with my paper right now anyway. I can't concentrate, write, and feel like sleeping so much. That just wouldn't work out well.

Back to being at a friend's house earlier in the evening yesterday. In my Pre-Columbian Spanish-American Lit class, we have six people. Four girls, two guys. It is quite entertaining. I love being in that class with my friend Kari. I'm going to miss her so much when she goes to Spain (exactly where I went!) next semester. I hate some of the work for the class, but some of the people make up for it. Val is fun and Jillian, she's interesting. The guys, Benjamin is married and talks alllllll the time. He's hilarious. Highly entertaining. Then there's Angel. It is so weird to call him Angel with out a Spanish accent. It just sounds weird. And I can't do it. Haha. But some people do call him Angel like...angels in heaven. I have to say it with an accent. I just can't do it that way. Anyway, he invited a bunch of us over to his house for a nice latin american dinner. I drove over with my friend Bethany and we came upon our professor trying to find his house as well. We finally found it and I LOVE his house. The guy who owns it used to be an adjunct at Eastern and now rents out the rooms/space with four guys that go to Eastern and he still lives there too. It's really nice and big. I love how they decorated it. It's colorful and peaceful, but also has some funky cool interesting pieces in it. And lots of candles. Very cool. Empty painting frames hanging from the ceiling. It's cool.

Anyway, a few more people arrived and he went back into the kitchen to keep cooking. It was so cute. We eventually sat down and had homemade chips, a spicy salsa, red rice, blackened beans, and chicken tamales. It was soooooo good. Angel was always checking to see if we had enough and we had some good conversation. After dinner he made some STRONG frech roast coffee in a french press. That made me happy. But DANG it was strong. I felt like I was going to be awake until Monday. Wow... We went back out into the living room and talked some more. And then somehow we got to talking about living on campus versus off campus for various reasons. He proceeded to say, "If I had a girlfriend on campus, I would definitely come over there and serenade her." Jillian laughed and I guess that wasn't her thing, but I was like, daaaaaaang. Anytime man, anytime. NCH third floor. I thought that was cute. He's the type of guy that would too. He's such a little mexican. He kept saying how he was domesticated. Honestly, I loved the fact that he made all the food we ate (his mother and grandmother taught him how to cook) and he cleared the table, did some dishes, and then at one point randomly interjected that he knew how to sew. I was impressed. haha. After our professor left, things got a weee bit more loose. I learned about Jillian questioning one of Angel's roommates, Eric, masculinity. haha. We got the grand tour of the house and talked about reeeeeeally random stuff that happened in the row behind where Kari, Val, and I sit in class (Ange, Ben, and Jillian sit behind us). Really random. hah. People started leaving and we talked a little bit more and the rest of us headed out. Needless to say, I was pretty happy. Good meal. Good friends. Good guy... hahahahahahahaha. He is so freaking awesome. I wondered why I'd never met him until this semester. Then it dawned on me that he transfered to Eastern last fall when I was in Spain, I'd only had one class in Spanish last semester, and he was a completely different major than I was. He's just taking the class for the heck of it and to keep up with his heritage I guess. I'm impressed to say the least. I emailed him and thanked him for cooking and whatnot and based on earlier discussion when we were talking about my birthday and drinks and stuff, that we needed to hang out more. He's a funny kid. Speaking of my birthday, Kari's birthday was two days after mine and in class we were serenaded by the guys. That was highly entertaining. haha. So ummm, I'd like to hang out with Angel a little more... Take that as you will... hehe.
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So hi... [Friday
September 30th ]
[ mood | awake ]

How about an update? haha. Let's see... I finally have a freaking job. And it's awesome. I'm a Pharmacy Technician at Eckerd. Translation: I play with drugs all day. It's really quite easy and I love the place and the people. They're so flexible. For example, Jackie and I went in on Friday of last week to fill out paper work and decide when we were going to start. Yes, we both work there. haha. They asked us when we wanted to come in and I went in to start on Tuesday. Well... I love Melissa, the supervisor for the pharmacy. She can't be more than three or four years older than us. She's so fun, laidback, and nice. I asked what I should do about a schedule for the rest of the week. She asked me, "Well, when did you want to come in?" So, essentially, I can pick my own hours and come in whenever I want. It's so great. I'll have about 16 hours or so for this week. I'm working mostly in the morning. I might add some afternoon/evening hours next week on Wednesday and Friday. It's so nice to have that job. And I'm babysitting on Sunday for a family who I will likely babysit for on an as needed basis. That will be good to have extra cashflow for gas and stuff.

We just finished up the Yes and... production and it was awesome. Check that out at http://www.yesandcamp.org It was started by Eastern alum and it's grown so much. They're all so awesome. And I just love Robb's voice. haha. In other news...I got a lot of work out of the way last week so it's slowing down, but the fall play is coming up so there's that. It's called "Dances with Cellphones". It's a new play that will be highly improvisational, full of dance, pidgins, etc. It'll be interesting for sure. Anyway, I have to get to work, so until next time...

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Back at School [Tuesday
August 30th ]
[ mood | exhausted ]

Wow. I'll do a list to update... My mind is everywhere and I'm exhausted.

1. Here are pictures from the previous entry's concert. Hahaha.

2. I took out 0 extra loans this semester. Due in part to my making almost double what I made last year. It also helped me get my nice new camera (a Canon powershot S1IS w/ 10x optical), pay $500 to my new used car, and all my gas and phone bills. Woohoo. I just need to make sure I have enough to make my last payment due in October.

3. That said, job hunting in the KOP/Wayne area begins tomorrow. Good=no classes during the day except for one darn class at 1pm. I guess I could take a lunch then. haha. I'm going to hit up Great Harvest, the Mustard Seed, Blockbuster, Barnes & Noble, and Borders. If I must, then the mall.

4. Driving here was insanely long. It took longer than it should have. Probably because I was so flustered after what happened in CT that I went a bit slower. The story: Entering CT there was a big truck in front of me. I couldn't see anything except for that car. I had no time to swerve, and if I did, I would have hit another car since we were in 3 lane traffic. There was a freaking block of wood. Now, granted it wasn't that big, but it was big enough that it hitting my tires and under my car wasn't good, especially considering how low it is. An ungodly noise started coming from the car. I stopped. The transmission, oil, etc. were good. But I called my dad and it sounds like it's the exhaust pipe with a hole or the muffler. So I drove here with a ROARING KERMIT. haha. Now I just need to find a mechanic. I'm going to try a Midas tomorrow or Thursday. Mom tried to tell me to wait until Christmas, but the noise would drive me CRAZY.

5. Lots of odd happenings at Jo Green's in the month of August... Weird.

6. I'm exhausted myself.

7. It is nice to have a car here finally.

8. I think if I kept going I'd start being incomprehensible.

9. I'm going to bed now. More later.

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I've met someone... [Tuesday
August 2nd ]
[ mood | content ]

I'm tired. But still must work. And that's ok...bills to pay.

I met someone Sunday evening. Twice in fact. A very cool situation. Very awesome. Very beautiful. I met some other people Sunday evening which was also a highlight of the weekend. But that one person beat all. Good luck guessing. haha. Hint: Was on tv, he's Greek, tall, and beautiful.

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July 28th ]
[ mood | creative ]

I've made an executive decision. Because it is my car and I said so. It is between either





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Time to Play... [Friday
July 22nd ]
[ mood | tired ]

It's time to play... NAME THAT CAR.

This is where we are at, gracias a mi amiga en Pennsylvania who now says my car is betrothed to hers.

It is a Ford Escort. Green, four door, hatchback, gray interior, and gas tank on left (driver's side-apparently this makes a difference...haha). The escort part could lead to names... haha. It has been decided the car is a he. Here are the names... Put in a vote for one or if you feel so inclined, put in your own. I have my own thoughts, but you know...

#1 - Marvin

#2 - Enrique

#3 - Christopher Rupert Windemire Vladimir Carl Alexander Lancelot Reginald Lancelot Gregory James

#4 - Jimminey Cricket

Kermit would be amusing too... Anyway.


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Hello hello [Wednesday
July 20th ]
[ mood | happy ]

Back from the mountains I come. I wish I hadn't had to leave so soon. It was really hot and humid and rainy. All thanks to Dennis, who incidentally decided to swoop up from the coast, come take a visit, go up towards Illinois, and then come back and vsit again. However, it was good to be up there, I got some good reading. I have four books lying in wait. , hopefully I'll get a full 2 weeks up there, maybe more next year (provided I have a job already...?). Which reminds me... Perhaps a trip up after graduation, anyone? Can sleep 6. Plenty of room and open space in the house. It's really pretty up there.

In other news, I also realized that if I am down there at all next summer, my first priorities are going to see my friend Renee and her baby girl Lela and to see This girl who used to watch my sisters and I when we lived there. She has an older sister that we saw while we were there, but Amy couldn't get up. She has a degenerative back illness and she can't stand or walk or sit up straight for long amounts of time. Mary Elizabeth actually told us her brother is having someone tape them for possibility of being on Extreme Home Makover: Home Edition. Long story, but trust me, NO ONE deserves it more.

Moving on, I got home yesterday with Katie while the rest of the family is still in NC and rented a few movies. I don't know what kind of mood I was in yesterday, but I teared up quite a bit at the end of watching The Notebook. Oddly enough, on the plane home (Independence Air is pretty nice, by the way) there was a guy sitting in front of us talking about the movie and the book and then I rented it. haha. Harry Potter was mentioned too. haha. How to know Harry Potter rules the world: When you find it for sale for $29.99. Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince. Dang.

And now I have bills to pay. Hooray. I'm on a U2 kick.

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Hola [Saturday
June 25th ]
[ mood | bouncy ]

Currently Watching
By Adam Sandler, Téa Leoni, Paz Vega, Cloris Leachman
see related

I exist.

I was talking through town yesterday after work and I kept noticing things that oddly enough, reminded me OVER AND OVER AND OVER AND OVER of my room at school, a certain person, a certain movie, and certain fun times. They were plastered everywhere. I mean...EVERYWHERE. What? PIRATE FLAGS. ALL OVER WOLFEBORO. I was cracking up. Little ones, big ones, little treasure chests with gold in the window displays... Apparently there's going to be a huge sale all over town tomorrow in celebration of the summer solstice. And if you see a pirate flag, you save dinero. How hilarious is that? It's frickin awesome. In the bookstore I wandered into (sshhh...twice) they have all these cute "history of pirates" books and kids books for sale. There was even this little treasure chest you could buy to build your own pirate ship, a compass came with it and everything. I laughed. It would make a good gift for someone. Since we never got to getting that little security system... haha. Anyway. That was just something I found really amusing.

I also finally found two cds I had misplaced. The Reset EP by MuteMath and Copeland's In Motion cd. I listened to a bit of them both on the way home from work in MY CAR (yes, it is still quite exciting to have four wheels of my own) and rediscovered how much I enjoy two songs on both the cds. Plan B on the MuteMath cd is just awesome. I love the chorus. Come mend it all, come mend it all... And my favorite one on the Copeland cd, Choose the One Who Loves You More. Lovely. Sadly, I can't go see them with Switchfoot and Howie Day on Sunday because I have to work that night. Pity.

Moving on, my parents are in Virginia this week for General Conference. Party at our house? Haha. Who comes to West Ossipee? Honestly... Anyway. That's fun. Katie is getting ready to go to SPAM camp for voice for the week. Her voice lessons are going well. Hil started working at the Tamworh Inn doing housekeeping and waitressing. So we're all busy while they're gone. Other than that, life is boring. Rented a few movies last night. Spanglish was cute. It didn't end how I wanted it to though. haha. Adam Sandler was quite tolerable and serious in the role he played. I liked it. And Tea Leoni was so eccentric it was hilarious. All the Spanish in it was fun. I also rented this movie called Gaudi Afternoon. I was standing there picking up a movie and looked down and saw the word "Gaudi" and it immediatley intrigued me since Gaudi is a Spanish archritect and I was in Barcelona. It's some interesting movie set in Barcelona with Juliette Lewis and Marcia Gay Harden in it. Some wild goose chase or something. I have yet to watch it. But it is set in Spain, so I had to pick it up. haha. Anyway. Going to NorthCarolina in a few weeks or so. Then back to work my butt off.

OH. And I have ideas for where I can work during the day this coming semester (and weekends and later evenings, of course) since I have one day class the whole week. I'd be psyched to work at Barnes and Noble or Borders. Ahhh. Books...

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Raindrops [Monday
May 23rd ]
[ mood | blank ]

So, the rain really MUST stop. And the sun MUST come out and it MUST warm up soon. It's getting old and ridiculous.

Not good for work. Speaking of, yours truly was put in charge as the supervisor for Jo to Go. Very exciting since it gives me two days off, a good pay raise, and not much more responsibility than what I did last summer. I was pretty thorough last summer and being a supervisor is basically no different save for I get to order the ice cream and make the schedule. haha. Should be an interesting summer. I'll get a week in North Carolina and then a day off for the PRAXIS, the day off for Hil's graduation, and now I don't have to worry about asking for the 31st of July off for the American Idol concert I was invited to. haha. Should be an entirely amusing summer.

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Cinco de Mayo [Thursday
May 5th ]
[ mood | mellow ]

Hello again. It's Thursday... And I have final #2 of 5 tonight. I pity myself. I've NEVER had five finals in one semester. How sick. I think I had four last semester though. Still, it somehow wasn't as bad? I don't know. It was in another langauge too. haha. I don't have any finals tomorrow though. But I have a take home test I need to work on finishing. Then on Sunday I'd like to go into Philadelphia to the International House where they are sponsoring a Feria. Complete with food and flamenco dancing. I'm excited. Only problem is no one wants to go. Grr. I'll take the train alone if I must. Oh well.

In other news, I got my syllabus for the linguistics course I'm taking online with the University of Phoenix beginning on the 26th of this month. Yikes is all I have to say. Lots of reading. Add to that a 1500 word weekly summary, a few papers, and an outside project and that's just a ton of fun for 4 weeks, isn't it? At least I'll get it over with. And work won't get too busy until the end of June. I'm also taking both PRAXIS II tests I have to have before student teaching next Spring. Spanish Content Knowledge and Fundamental Subjects Content Knowledge. How terribly exciting. At least those will be over and done with too.

I should review this second language acquisition stuff for tonight. :-/ Wish me luck...

Happy Cinco de Mayo!

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Call me.... [Sunday
May 1st ]
[ mood | lethargic ]

Irresponsible. Ok, so I was responsible, really responsible for 2 days last week and I finished all my work. And then Wednesday happened.

Call me silly, call me weird, call me something, but I have watched American Idol this season. It is the first season I've really paid attention to. And only because of two people. Bo and Constantine. And Constantine is my favorite. He's beautiful. And dang... My Funny Valentine and Bohemian Rhapsody basically killed me. He'd never been in the bottom 3 EVER. And it was down to 6 people on Wednesday. In my opinion, Scott and Anthony should have been gone LOOOONG ago. However, they managed to stay?? And Scott was in the TOP 3?? Yes, Constantine's performance of How You Remind Me wasn't his greatest and I expected bottom 3, but Scott was HORRIBLE singing that Luther Vandross song. He'd like to think he's black and ghetto, but he's really just a wall. Monotonous, quiet, off key, etc. It was bad. Yet he was in the top 3 and Constantine supposedly had the lowest amount of votes? Complete injustice. Why? Well, the existence of a little site right here - http://www.votefortheworst.com Yes, it encourages you to vote for the least favored contestant on AI simply to make them and AI look like a joke. And it's working. They claimed responsibility for Constantine leaving and I don't doubt had something to do with Nadia and Anwar leaving. Ridiculous. I've heard also that Scott's friends have hired people to vote for Scott and paid them. He's artifically placed in the top 3 and he doesn't even know it. That's awful. Other things...Well, he HAS NEVER been in the bottom three, so that says something. His phone line was screwed up on Tuesday with a message like "all circuits are busy" or you got connected briefly and then were disconnected. Phone line crossing? Quite possibly. And voting software doesn't help either. It was basically unjust and idiotic. Especially if FOX was planning to kick him out in light of the looming expose on ABC's PrimeTime Live about scandals on AI. Have a master plan to kick him out, create controversy, and then bring him back on Wednesday the 4th in an unusual 2 hour results show which airs the same time PrimeTime Live's expose does. Hah. Who knows really. He's better than that show anyway. I'm done my little rant now.

In other news, I'm leaving in 9 days or so to go home. And thankfully the job I had last summer. Hooray money. I'm a senior?? I'm going to be done student teaching this time next year. How insane is that? There's a Feria in Philadelphia next weekend... Hmmmm.

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Cinderella's 21st event [Wednesday
April 20th ]
[ mood | cheerful ]

only not.

Haha. I'm sad Cinderella is over. For one because I miss everyone involved and the semester is almost over. Second, because my health probably wouldn't have suffered yet. haha. Yay for paying with your health after doing something you enjoy!! Only not. In all seriousness, I loved the Cinderella cast and crew and will continue to love them dearly. The cast party at Teresa's was fun, but it was also Jackie's 21st birthday. Sadly, everyone was too tired to go out for her birthday after the last show and striking the set. But we set something up at Christopher's for her and it should be fun.

Cinderella pictures due to popular demand.

Cut because oops,it's a tad large.Collapse )

Right now I have tons of work to catch up on and I need money. haha.

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Cinderelly Cinderelly [Friday
April 15th ]
[ mood | chipper ]

Cinderella is on this week/weekend. I love the freshmen. They completely rock. And Greg is just the funniest guy ever, I mean he plays a girl-to the max. It is fantastic.

In other news, I was talking with someone last week or so about theme songs. I've never picked a theme song for a year or for myself in general and it randomly came to me that I definitely should. So I'd been wondering... I'd love to hear your thoughts... But I 've come to the conclusion that the following song appeals to me. Jackie's is probably "Grace" by Jeff Buckley. Mine, after rediscovering this song, is Jeni Varnadeau's "I Need You". It speaks the truth, haha. And the chorus rocks out. I love it.

I Need You

I can’t make it on my own
Can’t live all alone
I’m helpless by myself
You lend me a hand
Give me strength to stand
and somehow get me through
It’s apparent to me
(and I’m sure you can see)
I’m a woman in need

I need more time
i need more money
i need more advice
i need more love
i need another chance
an open hand
I need more grace
and a pretty face
i need happiness
I need an escape
I need more peace
I need to feel safe
And what this all comes down to
Is I need YOU

I try to do it well
But know that i would fail
If you weren’t there to help
You, you show me where to go
and say what I need to know
and you know how I feel
It’s apparent in me
(and I’m sure you can see)
I’m a woman in need

I need more time, i need more money
i need more advice, i need more love
i need another chance, an open hand
I need more grace and a pretty face
I need security, stablility
I need more space, and I need more sleep
And what this all comes down to
Is I need YOU

Also, we've gone out after the show the last two nights and it has been a BLAST. I love theatre people. Especially the freshmen this year. Entertaining times.

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Copeland 4/1 in Philadelphia [Saturday
April 2nd ]
[ mood | impressed ]

I really can't stop listening to them. It's an addiction. They keep sounding better and better the more I listen. Aaron Marsh's voice. The musical blending of instruments. Gooooosh (to be said in a Napolean Dynamite fashion). They're incredible. What in heaven's name did this talent come from? May it never cease. Props to you all if you get through all this jargon and stuff. I swear it's interesting!

Okkkk. So. The CONCERT. One of the greatest I have ever been to and probably will ever go to. I was so impressed. Seeing the acoustic set in Maryland last year was really cool, but to see them full on was amazing.

So, after finally figuring out who I was going to this concert with, Zoe and I left at like 5:14pm from the St. Davids train station (with probably 15 or so other Eastern students going to the concert as well and numerous other college students) for the Market East station. We got to Market East a little before 6pm and started walking in the supposed direction of the Trocadero Theatre. Only not. We turned around and headed in the RIGHT direction and lo and behold, the Troc is in Chinatown. haha. And basically two minutes from the train station-perfect. We start walking down 10th street to find the corner of 10th and Arch streets where the venue is located. We saw a bunch of kids in two different places on the street, but didn't see anything indicating it was the Trocadero. We turned around at one point because numbers kept going up and the address was 1003 Arch. Some guy pointed out to us that it was back at the corner we'd turned onto 10th at. We go back and there are two groups of people. We see the Trocadero sign and the line there seemed fairly short but then were told the line ended back with the other group of people. They had split them up for the most part because there was a parking lot right near the Troc and the line was obviously going to get in the way if they didn't split it up. So we go back there and the line is still pretty short. It kind of surprised me and didn't in other ways. I guess not so much because they're not so mainstream like Coldplay or someone like that, but they have a pretty good underground following. Who knows... While we're waiting in line this guy was wlking around telling really odd jokes and I have no clue who he was, but it was weird. Later on this guy came up behind me and was like, "Want a sticker from one of the bands that are playing tonight?" I was like, "Yeah. Sure." So bam, I got an Acceptance sticker. After seeing them play, I think I got it from one of their guitar players. Right before they started letting us in there was this guy and girl walking around with clipboards and boxes. I was thinking it would be something like "Are you a registered voter?" or "Let's save the planet!" haha. But it was actually one of the guys from Lovedrug asking if we wanted to sign up for the Lovedrug email list, which I did and got a free cd with songs from other Militia Group records artists. Woohoo.

Eventually this big, burly guy with tattoos up and down his arms split us up into those with tickets and those who were on will call or still wanted to buy tickets. We made it in and went to cruise the merchandise. As we were looking James Likeness (yeah-what kind of heritage does that name come from??), guitarist, backing vocalist extraordinaire, and designer of all things Copeland (cd covers, shirts, stickers, website, buttons, etc.) came out of nowhere to start selling stuff. Yes, Copeland sells their own stuff-they don't let anyone else do it. How awesome are they?? Yeah, he comes out of nowhere and the first thing I hear him say is, "What do you call a damn sandwich?" (pause) "A damnich." hah. He's so quirky. Its great. I decided to get a shirt, as did Zoe. She bought hers and he was like, "A large, right?" So I said, "No, I think an extra large probably." So he got her the "large" (really a small). Zo gave him a 20 or something and he asked if she had two 1's. I had plenty, so I offered, but she found some and he was like, "She doesn't want to owe you TWO DOLLARS." haha. Then I said, "I'll take the gray one, in a 'large' too." It was amusing. After we'd paid we were walking away and I heard they guy behind us asking if they had smalls in the tan and black ones and James was like, "No, no smalls in the tan and black. Besides, I think the small was too small for them." haha. The venue itself was pretty interesting. The main area was probably as big as where we were in Maryland, but they had a second level with seats and a bar (could only get up there with id). There were also these cool little arches that led to small corridors that went who knows where. Secret passages! I was reminded of the Phantom of the Opera for some reason... We found a pretty good spot pretty much in the same spot as we'd been in for the SF/Copeland concert last April, right by the stage and speakers.

Eventually As Tall as Lions came out to play. They were alright. I didn't particularly care for them. They did ok though. After their set they completely changed the stage for Lovedrug to play. They had the RANDOMEST music playing between sets. I mean, first it was rap before As Tall as Lions and then Harry Connick, Jr. between them and Lovedrug? Weird. And the sound people had some issues with turning that music off during sound checks... But more of that later... Lovedrug came out to do their thing and I liked them better. I had listened to all three of the bands on purevolume the day before and they played this song Blackout that I remembered hearing. I liked their style. It was pretty cool. Played the piano a few times. I liked them. Then came an incredibly long set change complete with sound tech issues. I felt so bad for the guys in Acceptance. They had had a terribly long day arriving two hours late, getting stuck at a gas station, their bassist's father had passed away so he wasn't there. They were nice enough to do an acoustic set, which shouldn't have been a problem, but it was. They weren't used to acoustic sets, but I think they sounded great. I like the lead singer's voice. It took forever to get the sound figured out before they could start. And the idiotic sound guys couldn't think of turning OFF the Harry Connick, Jr. during the sound check. Aughghh. They thought they had it and played one song and then it got messed up again. The guy told us of their woes of the day and played like two or three more songs and said they wouldn't do anymore because they were just worn out and felt bad that it had taken that long to get set up. I felt so bad for them... They did well though.

And then...Copelanddddddddd. They set up their stuff and James came out of the crowd out of nowhere (ok, probably from the merch table) and jumped up onto the stage to set up. The guy is amazing really, he moves with the speed of light I tell you. They got all things in order and then it all began... Their amazing set, which contained a lot of songs, surprisingly, started off with No One Really Wins This Time. These guys are incredible. They have amazing musical gifts. They sang that and I took some pictures with my unusually large digital camera (from the late 90's or something. haha) and all those with press passes were taking pictures as well. I really had no issues taking pictures the entire time. I got a few of Lovedrug aside from the ones I took during Copeland's set. Lots of phones were lifted up to take pictures too. haha. I tried it out. It came out kind of fuzzy. Anyway. After a few songs Aaron sat down to play the keyboard they brought out and I got excited. I had wondered if they were going to play Kite or not. That song shows some insane vocal talent that Aaron Marsh has. The guy sings it in such a high key, probably hitting notes some girls probably couldn't hit correctly. But alas, they sang Priceless, I believe, while he was at the piano the first time. The second time he sang my FAVORITE song on the new cd (though they are all equally marvelous), Choose the One Who Love You More. I was kind of nervous at first because the guy who sings with Aaron on the cd, Stephen Nichols, made the song even more amazing. But who am I kidding? Of course it was great. After he sang he was like, "Want to hear something gross?" Um, sure? "I think I swallowed one of my own hairs during that song. The hair is getting a little long I suppose. Time to cut it. Last time that'll happen." haha. Ah they are so great and down to earth. James was pretty random himself. "I'd just like to take this time to thank everyone for being whatever age they are. Congratulations. It takes a lot to be your age, so thank you." Um??? Hahaha. And then after one song he just out of nowhere went, "Woohoo!" And did nothing else. Later on in the show after they'd finished a song he just stood in front of his mic and didn't move. It was obviously for laughs, but I don't know how many people noticed. We were basically standing right by him. He kept like looking in our direction and I was like, "YES. I AM taking pictures of you...and Aaron..." haha. Yeah. He's an odd one. We know who the comedian of the group is. He also had some interesting guitar singing movements. hah. Swishing from side to side, one foot to the other. It was entertaining. The adorable thing was when he wasn't singing with Aaron, he'd be away from the mic playing his guitar and still singing, all his energy and soul focused on it, often with his eyes closed. It was sweet. We called Jackie a few times and she heard them playing Brightest. They played quite a few songs now that I'm thinking about it. Almost every song on the new cd... Besides No One... and Choose the One..., they sang Pin Your Wings Down, Hold Nothing Back (also really like), Sleep (which I couldn't remember if I really enjoyed, but I do-it was cute especially seeing James sing it all around the stage), Your Love is a Fast Song, and Don't Slow Down. Perhaps You Have My Attention? Can't remember. They also sang California, Priceless, When Paula Sparks, Take Care, Testing the Strong Ones, and Coffee (woohoo! Encore!). That was like 15 songs! But a few were in a medley of a few of their songs, so that works. They were beautiful and incredible. The sound of hearing them live leaves nothing to compare them to.

After they'd finished we went back to the merch table and I briefly considered getting them to sign the new cd cover, but we didn't know how long it'd be before they all got back there. And again, the speed demon himself was back at the merch table in a flash. James appeared POOF out of nowhere. So, since Jackie couldn't be there I got her a pin and sticker. We were like, "Hello again!" And it was amusing. Great guys. Down to earth and nice. Yes. We eventually left and hit up the Wawa and went back to the Market East station. Got back around 1am and I uploaded all of my pictures. And now you may see them. I wish there was some sort of "cut" thing on xanga that could be used so that they all don't take up so much space, but here's a few and then a link to the rest. I'm happy with them. They came out better than I expected. Enjoyyyyyyyyyyyyy.

Here's one of Lovedrug


One of Copeland


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